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Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations can tell your most complex stories in a simple and engaging way. Viewers
have more time to process ideas as they watch a hand draw entertaining images that give easy to understand analogies. We'll create a script for you or use your script to create the animation. We'll also provideprofessional voiceover narration and, of course, several illustrational styles for the images.

The cost is more affordable than you'd think. Here are our charges
for standard whiteboard animation videos including script and voiceover:

Up to 1 minute:    $2000
Up to 1.5 minute: $2350
Up to 2 minutes:  $2650
Up to 3 minutes:  $3200
More than 3 minutes: Call us

For videos longer than three minutes or if you provide your own narration, give us a call.

Here's what's included with our whiteboard animation video service:

• Creative concepting 
• Script writing and two rounds of script revisions
• Storyboard and two rounds of revisions to story board art
• Narration
• Background music from our library of licensed production music
• Video Production and Editing
• Online Video Review and Revisions* 
• Final delivered video is a (1080p MPEG4)


30 sec spot for Airsoft
Airsoft Megastore
30-second YouTube spot for sport bb-guns.
Challenge was to create atmosphere and excitement
without showing any guns.

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