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The Heneybrand Brand Audit is a diagnostic tool that helps companies get a view of how well they are communicating their brand promise and attributes across all points of customer contact. It's an analysis of the corporate identity, from the visual elements of the brand to the messaging in all marketing communications. It can also include internal communications such as sales team newsletters and HR announcements.

We can also provide a smaller, more targeted audit where time and budget are limited and there is a strong sense of the problem areas. An audit of communications from regional sales and markeitng offices, for example, can be provided.

The steps involved with a brand audit include:

  1. Kickoff meeting to determine breadth of audit needed
  2. Submit a Proposal
  3. Upon acceptance of proposal, set up key contacts within the organization
  4. Gather samples, take photos if necessary, call sales and tech support 800 numbers, send emails to info@ addresses, assess websites, view multimedia/videos.
  5. Provide report with strengths, areas of inconsistency, etc. Identify internal and external touchpoints that require focus.
  6. Provide a report on findings, with samples of problem areas
  7. Recommendations: Last part of report provides recommendations for repairing/improving problem areas. These recommendations may include a corporate style guide, a roadshow brand presentation, a brand website if one does not exist, improvements to website if one does exist, establishment of brand evangelists, or establishment of a brand council.

The cost for a brand audit can vary widely depending on the scope of an audit and the size of the company. A brand audit can cost as little as $1000 and as much as $20,000. The scope can be expanded or contracted during the proposal review phase.